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The introduction of ball valves

Ball valve is evolved from plug valve, it's part is as a sphere, using the ball around the stem axis rotate it 90 degrees of realization of the open and closed. Ball valve in the line is mainly used for cutting, distribution and changing the direction of medium flow, v-shaped open valve has good circuit-adjusting function.

Ball valve is not only simple structure, good seal performance, but in a certain nominal diameter scope, small in volume ,light in weight, small material consumption and installation size, and driving torque small, simple operation, easy to achieve rapid open-close, is one of the fastest valves varieties in nearly ten years development. Especially in America, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, west, British and other developed countries, the ball is very extensive use, and use variety and quantity is continues to expand, and high temperature, high voltage, big diameter, high quality sealing, long life, excellent performance and a multi-functional valve adjusting its reliability and the development direction, and other performance indicators are reached a high level, and has been partly replace gate valve, cut-off valve, throttle valve. With the progress of technology, ball valve in the foreseeable short-term see inside, especially in oil and gas pipelines, oil refining industry and cracking unit will be more widely used. In addition, the large diameter in other industries and low pressure area, ball valve will also become the dominant valve type.

The working principle of ball valve by rotating stem to expedite or block valves. Ball valves, small volume, light switch can make big caliber, sealing is reliable, simple structure, convenient maintenance, sealing and spherical closed in the state, not often is medium in various erosion, widely applied.

Ball valve and plug valves is a type of valve, only it is a ball, the closed ball valve rotates around the center to open and close a valve. In line of valve is mainly used to do cut-off, distribution and change flow direction of medium. Ball valve is widely used in recent years, a new kind of valve, it has the following advantages:
1. the small resistance, resistance to flow coefficient and the length of pipe with equal.
2. simple structure, small volume, light weight.
3.the ball close, reliable sealing materials, widely used in plastics, good sealing, vacuum system has been widely used.
4. Easy operation, quick, fully open and close to the rotation from sexual just 90 °, facilitate remote control.
5. simple structure, convenient maintenance, sealing ball valves are usually activities, remove replacement is more convenient.
6. in the fully open or fully closed, sphere and seat sealing and medium, medium, won't cause by the valve seal.
7. Wide application range, sizes, from a few millimeters to a few meters to high vacuum and high pressure from it.

Ball valve has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, liquefied petroleum gas, water, food, pharmaceutical, power generation, papermaking, urban construction, mineral, boiler steam system, the municipal administration, the atomic energy, aviation, the rockets departments, and People's Daily life.

Mainly used on valves and piping medium, especially in use in the requirements of opening and closing fast better parts, such as emergency unloading etc. Because of its simple structure, light weight, good seal performance, etc, are used widely. Structure: mainly by the body and bonnet, sealing seat, ball and stem, etc. Take the ball valve is the hole, ask the rotating sphere by stem to open, namely is controlled through the switch. Ball float valve can be divided into two categories and fixed ball valve. Floating ball valve is characteristic of the spheres can freely floating. According to the different structure and sealing seat sealing seat and divided into fixed seal seat belt activities. Fixed seal seat floating ball, structure, as shown in the body with two fluorine SuZhi into fixed seal seat, two seats in the clamping a between steel or stainless steel ball of the ball with floating round hole, after opening, open, When the valve rod rotation, ball hole is perpendicular to the valve, pressure on ball close behind on the seat, ensure valve.

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