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Structure feature of fixed ball valve

Double block and emission function fire safety emergency rescue greasing sealing structure reliable stem seal

Double block and emission function

fixed ball valve Adopts spring preload float seat, whether valve is fully open or closed, the seat to downstream side ZhongQiang body fluid retention, blocking objects through the drain valve discharge.

Automatic relief function

The valve body cavity stay medium temperature caused by abnormal booster, need not only through the safe valve, but can be automaticly by relief pressure by seat function,it is very important to guarantee the security to transport liquid medium.

Fireproofing safety structure

Valves have fire prevention safety function, its design and manufacture all follow API 607 and API 6FA specification.

Sealing emergency greasing-infuse rescue

Due to seating sealing accident failure caused by fire or the foreign matter in the media, greasing valve provides quick connection with greasing gun will conveniently and quickly inject seal fat into seat sealing parts, alleviate the leakage.

Reliability of valve stem seal and low operating torque

Besides setting standard sealing rings, gland packing also set the "O" sealing ring, double seal guarantee the reliability of the stem seal, Add the graphite packing and sealing grease injection make fire stem leakage is reduced to the minimum. Stem of sliding bearings and thrust bearing valve operation.

Full-bore or shrink diameter

According to the need to choose full-bore or shrink diameter structure. Full bore valve flow aperture and pipe diameter inner-diameter is the same, facilitate clean pipe.

Stem can be extended

According to the installation or operation of the need ,valve stem can be extended. Extension rod ball valve, especially suitable for urban gas which needs buried laying pipelines. Extended stem size according to customers' needs.

Flexible operation

Using a small friction coefficient and good self-lubricity seats and stem bearing, greatly reduce the valve operating torque. So even when no sealing grease provides, also can go ahead long time flexible operation of the valve.

Many Driving mode, easy to realize automation control

Flexible drive, according to need operation mode can choose, manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic gas-liquid linkage, etc.

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