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The main selection principle of ball valves

1. oil and gas transmission line, need cleaning of pipeline buried in the ground and the choice of sizes, and all-welding structure of ball, Embedded on the earth, choose full-bore welding connection or flange connection of valve, Tubes, flange, welding connection, full-bore or non-reducing ball valves.
2. oil pipes and storage equipment, choose the flange ball valves.
3. city gas pipeline and gas, flange and threaded connections float valves.
4. metallurgical oxygen pipeline system, appropriate chooses through strict degrease, flange fixed ball valve.
5. low temperature medium pipeline system and devices, appropriate chooses the cryogenic valves and valve cover.
6. and refining of catalytic cracking unit on the pipeline system, can choose the lifting lever type valves.
7. and chemical corrosive medium ph system as the device and pipe system, appropriate chooses austenitic stainless steel manufacturing, ptfe seat sealing for the stainless steel valves.
8. metallurgical, power system, petrochemical equipment, the high temperature medium urban heating system of pipeline system or device, can choose the metal to metal sealing ball valves.
9. and when to flow, can choose the worm gear and worm drive, pneumatic or electric V belt of regulating valve opening.

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