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The ball valve advantages

Basic advantage

1. with a minimum of flow resistance (actually zero).
2. because not get stuck in the work without lubricant, reliable applications and corrosive medium and low boiling point liquid.
3. in relative large pressure and temperature range, can realize completely sealed.
4. it can achieve rapid open-close, some time for the opening and closing of structure only 0.05 ~ s to 0.1sec to ensure to be used in test automation system. Rapid on-off valves, no impact on the operation.
5. and spherical closed element can be automatic orientation.
6. and the working medium in the double sealing is reliable.
7. and in the full open and shut, when the sealing surface of ball and seat is isolation with medium, therefore the medium speed through the valve will not cause the erosion of sealing surface.
8. compact structure, light weight, low temperature can be used to think it the most reasonable structure of the low-temperature media system
9. and body symmetry, especially the welding body structure, can be very good to bear stress from pipeline.
10. the closed element can bear the high pressure difference when closed.
11. and the welding ball valve, can directly buried underground, make no valve ablation, supreme service life can reach 30 years, oil and natural gas pipeline is the most ideal valve.

Due to the above advantages, so there ball applicable range is very wide, ball valve can be used in:
1. nominal diameter from 8mm to 1200mm.
2. the nominal pressure from the vacuum to 42MPa.
3. working temperature from - 204 ~ 815 degrees.

Sealing advantages:

The main valve seat sealing material is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), almost all the chemicals are inert, and has small friction coefficient, stable performance, easy ageing, temperature range and good sealing integrated features. But ptfe physical properties, including higher inflation coefficien, and the sensitivity and the undesirable thermal conductivity to cold flow, the requirement of design must be according to these properties. Seating plastic materials including filler ptfe, nylon and many other materials. However, when the seal material harden, seal reliability is damaged, especially at low pressure difference. In addition, such as synthetic rubber DingQing rubber seat sealing materials have, but it is applicable to the use of the media and the temperature range of medicine is restricted. In addition, if no lubrication, use synthetic rubber easily stuck sphere. In order to meet the high temperature and high pressure, strong erosion, long life for industrial application requirements, the recent ten years, metal sealing ball valves have a great development. Especially in the developed countries, such as America, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, etc, the indoor-stage theatrical troupes and continuous improvement on the ball, the structure of welding body buried type ball valve, promotion and demotion type ball valve, valve movements in long-distance pipelines, refining oil devices etc. industries be more and more widely applied, large diameter (3050mm), high pressure (70MPa), wide temperature range (-196- 815 degree)ball valves, so that the technology to achieve a new level.

Design and other advantages

Due to the application of computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) in the valve industry, make the ball valve design and manufacturing to a whole new level. Not only innovate the valve the design computational method but also reduce professional technical personnel of heavy repetitive conventional design work, make technical personnel more effort to improve, improve product performance and new product development, shorten the new product research and development cycle, improve labor productivity, and lifting lever type metal sealing ball valves developed process, because of CAD/CAM application, appeared by computer aided design, computer aided by CNC processing manufacturing stem spiral flat, metal sealing ball valves in open-close process without any scratch and wear, so that the sealing ball valves and service life greatly. Valves in the fully open, small flow resistance, almost equal to zero, such as track ball valve is widely applied in oil and gas pipelines, for easy cleaning line. Due to the ball in the sphere of sex, wipe with most ball valve can be used with suspended solids medium, on the basis of the sealing material also can be used in powder and granular medium.

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