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Ball valve applicable occasions

Due to the ball valve usually use rubber, nylon and ptfe as seat sealing material, as a result its temperature is limited by seat sealing material. The cutoff function of the ball valve is completed by tight press between plastic seats under the function for mental ball by medium. Seat sealing ring in certain contact pressure, local area come about elastic-plastic deformation. The deformation can compensate the manufacturing precision of ball body and the surface roughness, to ensure the sealing performance.

Because of the ball valve seat sealing ring is usually made by plastic, the structure and properties of the ball valves, should consider the refractory and fireproofing, particularly in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgical department, in inflammable and explosive devices and pipeline system, more attention should pay to the fireproof and refractory.

Usually, in two-position regulation, sealed performance strictly, mud, wear, reducing channel, on-off movement.ball quickly (1/4 turn), high-pressure deadline hoist (high pressure differential), low noise, include holes and gasification small leakage phenomenon, into the atmosphere, operating torque is small, small resistance of fluid piping system, recommend using ball.

Ball valve is also applicable to the low light structure, the low pewssure deadline (differentialis small), corrosive medium pipeline system.
In the low temperature (cryogenic) device and pipe system in also can choose ball valve.
The oxygen in metallurgy industry in the pipeline system, using the ball valve with strictly defatted processing.
In the pipeline and gas transmission pipeline buried in the underground line needs, to use full-bore welding ball valve.
In a performance requirements, should take v-shaped open special structure of the ball valve.
In petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electric power, urban construction, working temperature in 200 degrees above the piping system can choose the metal to metal sealing ball valves.

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