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Ball valve model establishment method instructions

Two-plate inner-thread drawing down ball valve
Ball valve type code for Q. before Cryogenic ball valves plus "D", Before the heat-preserve ball valve plus "B".
CODE NO. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
drive model       worm wheel     pneumatic     motor-driven
connecting type   internal thread external thread   F   weld butt clamp    
type no. structure type
ball-valve Q   cut-through     angle type   right angle type    
  float type     L type ball float T type ball float   fixed ball    

The handwheel, handle and spanner driving omit code.

seal or liner material  code no.  seal or liner material   code no.
steel alloy  T  Permeability fluorine steel,  D
rubber  X  Hard alloy  Y
nylon plastic  N  rubber liner  J
F plastic  F  line with lead  Q
 Tin and bearing alloy (ba type alloy)  B  enamal  C
steel-alloy  H  permeability boron steel  P

The nominal pressure code in Arabic numerals, its value is nominal pressure value of 10 timesd for mpa as its unit. Used in power industry, when the highest temperature medium of the valve is more than 530 ° c, its value is the work unit for mpa pressure value of 10 times.

body material grey cast iron nodular cast iron carbon steel steel alloy(Cr-Mo steel) stainless steel special alloy
code no. Z Q WCB WC1 LCB LC3 WC6 WC9 C5/C12 common CF8 CF8M CF3 CF3M M
C C1 C2 C3 I6 I9 I5 P R1 R2 R3 R4  

ball-valve performance rule

test item test pressure(MPa) test time(S) test temp.(oC) test medium
shell test 150Lb、1.6MPa 2.4 120 (DN≤14") ≤52oC(normal temp.) Water (rust) kerosene or viscosity can contain less than water  other suitable for medium
300Lb、2.5、4.0MPa 6.0
600Lb、10.0MPa 15.0
900Lb、15.0MPa 22.5
1500Lb、25.0MPa 37.5
2500Lb、42.0MPa 63.0
low-pressure seal test 150Lb、1.6MPa 0.6 120 ≤52oC(NORMAL TEMP.) Air or inert gases
high pressure seal test 150Lb、1.6MPa 1.76 120 ≤52oC(normal temp.) Water (contain anti-rust agent) kerosene or other    medium viscosity less than water 
300Lb、2.5、4.0MPa 4.4
600Lb、10.0MPa 11
900Lb、15.0MPa 16.5
1500Lb、25.0MPa 27.5
2500Lb、42.0MPa 46.2

main parts material and performance

body rod ball seal surface gasket(ring) packing working temp. applicable medium
WCB 1Cr13 1Cr13 1Cr13 Alloy material ontology flexible graphite stainless steel plus flexible graphite F304 F316 flexible graphite kniting graphite -29~425oC water,steam oil
WC6 15CrMo 15CrMo -29~595oC
WC9 25Cr2MoV 25Cr2MoV
LCB 304 304 -46-345oC
CF8 304 304 -196~600oC part acid,alkaline
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